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His Hand's

by Randy Bailey

I am amazed by the power of His hands,
And yet His touch is gentle to me,
His hands are able to keep me from falling,
They broke the chains of sin and set me free,

His hands have touched the multitudes,
They have opened the eyes of the blind,
His hands has fed the mouths of thousands,
They are gentle and they are kind,

His hands are full of compassion,
They desire to hold you close to His side,
He demonstrated His love to each of us,
When he was nailed to the cross and died,

His hands are still reaching out today,
He promises you that He will never let go,
His hands have never failed anyone,
And there is one thing that He wants you to know,

Your Father has the perfect plan for your life,
Trust Him as we journey towards the promise land,
Stay in His word and walk in His light,
And always hold tightly to His hand.

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