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Remembering Nine-Eleven

by Margaret Cagle

On September eleventh, two-thousand one,
It was very hard to believe my ears.
While I listened to the horrible news,
My eyes were overflowing with tears.

I watched as an airplane hit one tower,
And that was upsetting for me to see,
But when the second tower was hit,
It was a terrible moment for me.

Then as that eventful day unfolded,
And I heard that the Pentagon was hit,
I prayed that God would intervene.
I prayed He would put an end to it.

A plane went down in Pennsylvania.
That news was devastating to hear.
"What will happen next?" I wondered.
It was a day that was filled with fear.

My heart ached with compassion
With the news that a fireman dies,
But then the news was even worse
As the death toll started to rise.

Churches all around our dear nation
Called their congregations to prayer.
Some had a much bigger attendance
Than there had ever been there.

It has been aptly named "Patriot Day,"
For it is plain for everyone to see
That it made Americans more patriotic.
That is what it has done for me.

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