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The Christian Almanac - Planting Guide

by james christian

God has made this our lot,
Each of us plants a crop.
By our crops we are known,
Crops don't come 'less they're sown.

And we reap what we sow,
From good. seed, good things grow.
From the bad fruits of sin;
Harvest tells what's within.

What you do, what you say,
Are your seeds sown each day.
They make up your whole life;
Harvest, ends life's strife.

Plant good seed in your field,
And good fruit you will yield.
Then, when the fields are gleaned,
Brought to our Lord and King;

He won't find in you share
Thorns, stubble, weeds, or tares.
And you'll get a gold crown,
For God's seed you have sown.

If bad seed you have sown
Repent! Before they're grown.
No need to suffer loss,
Take those seeds to the Cross.

1st Corinthians 3:10-15

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