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Flag Day In The USA

by Margaret Cagle

On June fourteenth in the USA,
We celebrate a special holiday.
We have our Flag Day celebration
To reflect on freedom in our nation.
At homes and buildings, we display
The "Star Spangled Banner" on Flag Day.

The "Stars and Stripes" we proudly fly
On tall poles pointing up to the sky.
Our red, white, and blue "Old Glory"
Is a great part of America's story.
Thirteen colonies, the stripes show,
And fifty stars are the states, we know.

Our flag is a symbol of freedom so dear.
We'll fly "Old Glory" year after year.
Thank God our forefathers took a stand
To start a free country in a new land.
For our great nation, let us all pray
As we fly our flag on this special day.

This poem won second place for the June 2015 poetry contest

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