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A Cry For Help (A God Saving Suicide Poem)

by KrissTheMadPoet © 1992

I see a kid sitting in his room,
thinking about his coming doom.
Life isn't what he wants it to be,
wants to end his misery.
Inside your mind, you scream and shout,
thinking about the easy way out.

You're under a lot of pressure,
finding death is your only cure.
A desperate effort to end the pain,
of problems stacked, confusing your brain.
Thoughts of suicide come to mind,
feeling depressed, time after time.

You say you want to die,
no one seems to hear your cry.
You lost the will to live,
simply nothing more to give.
Trapped inside this human shell,
the pain you feel, it feels like hell.

Grabbing the bottle in your hands,
taking a drink when no one understands.
Drinking all your problems away,
thinking they're gone, wrong, they'll stay.
You say, "Death can set me free."
But where will you be for eternity?

You say you want to live no more,
death is opening its black doors.
With a gun, you take the final breath,
knowing soon, you'll be facing death.
Putting the gun against your head,
pulling the trigger, are you dead?

Don't take part in this deadly event,
don't you know, Hell's where you'll be sent.
Put the end of all your despair,
not in suicide, but in prayer.
Finding Jesus Christ as the cure,
He'll be there, with you, for sure.


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