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Never Alone

by Cheryll MayberrySmith © 2006

Though I may endure pain and suffer hard times,
As I begin growing older and my health declines.
I know I can make it for the inheritance I own,
Guarantees the Lord's near so I'm never alone.
Though I might toss and turn at night in my bed,
The uncertainty of tomorrow fills my heart with dread~
The Master understands every trial I've known.
He gives peace of mind and I'm never alone.
I may get weary as the struggles and strife
Litter my pathway and challenge my life.
Instead of being weaker the stronger I've grown.
For the Lord is with me, I'm never alone.
So it matters not to me what may come my way.
For the blessings of God are mine each day.
Sometimes I may walk through valleys unknown,
But with God by my side I'm not walking alone!

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