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A Prayer of Repentance and Dedication

by Kevin Smead © 2018

Dear Lord I seek a better life,
A life that honors thee.
One more consistent with the aim
You had in calling me.

A life of purity and love
Of purpose and power.
One based on simple trust in thee
Each day and every hour.

For I have wondered far away,
I have not given all.
I have not lived like one who’s been,
Delivered from the fall.

My zeal to win the lost has waned,
My time in prayer grown cold.
Less time is spent in searching for
The Scriptures perfect gold.

And worst of all I feel so dead
My heart as hard as stone.
I would but cannot weep for sin,
At least not on my own.

Pour out your Spirit on me Lord,
Please help me to repent!
And give me grace to make amends
For so much time misspent.

This poem won first place for the July 2018 poetry contest

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