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A Child Like Innocence

by poet720ylvs

Have you ever looked at children playing and watch their innocence prevail.
They are so very vulnerable and this is why God's love will never fail.
God tell us to become like little children to understand His ways.
The openness of a child like heart will truly bless our days.

We need to become like little children in certain things that we might do.
Not having a secret agenda thinking that life for some reason owes you.
A child like heart of compassion will give you a brand new start.
This is necessary for God's salvation then you will be doing your part.

Don't let the world influence you with the wiles of temptation.
You see this lifestyle will not last and will be your final destination.
Take on a child like innocence in handling life's cares and woes.
As children will be perfectly honest showing you how life truly goes.

Take on a spirit of childishness, having fun along the way.
Have people eager to listen to you and what you have to say.
Share with them the joy and laughter it will make them feel so very warm.
They are also seeking God's love while they tackle their daily storm.

Children are fighting with each other one minute and playing the very next.
This is a good philosophy for us to remember so add it to your text.
God tell us to forgive one another just as He has forgiven each one of us.
Who are we not to forgive and obey God as He has said this is a must.

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