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My Dad's Bible

by Rhonda J Pearson © 2006

My dad had a road map to
follow every day it lead
him to his bedroom where
he would kneel and pray.

Was just a little girl but
I remember when at the age
of seven dad told me of the
bible about a place called

This precious book my dad
loved was never far from
sight I knew it meant so
much so much to him for he
would read it day and night.

Dads bible was his comfort
his shelter and his guide
know matter what would be
ahead he knew God was by his

My dad would always speak of
staying close to the Lord he
said, a life without God we'll
you just could not afford.

While dads faith grew stronger
and I was grewing older dads
life helped me to see that he
wanted his family to go to Heaven
and that also included me.

Yes, dad lived a good and
Faithfull life he was lead
by those blessed words I will
never forget the times we had
and all the scriptures I heard.

That old and precious bible
guided dad to his new and final
home for he resides in Heaven
now with Christ Jesus around
that golden throne.

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