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The God we speak of

by Matt Gullett

Who is this God we speak of
The one we hold so dear
This is the God we speak of
We worship and revere.

He made the highest heavens
And the lowest parts of earth
He made the very air we breathe
And to this he gave a birth.

The man that he had fashioned
Would fall in shortest time
Deprived of heaven’s glories
Deprived of life sublime.

This God we always speak of
Was not content to stay
Away from his creation
He planned a better way.

Though man had chosen poorly
This God would not deprive
His children of the fullness
His kingdom could provide.

In ages past he promised
To open heavens gates
By offering up his only Son
Prepared for that great date.

He sent his Son in likeness
Of a man to bridge the gap
'tween fallen men and glory
And free us from the trap.

This Son that he committed
To fill the awful void
Was broken for his people
And never was annoyed.

He taught the people peace
And joy and faith and love
He taught them of his Father
And pointed them above.

He died on a wooden cross
And bore our total shame
Just when he looked most beaten
Was when he garnered fame.

He rested in the earth
And set the prisoners free
He rose up with new life
To rescue you and me.

He visited the scattered flock
That was frightened and afraid
He reminded them of promises
That He had surely made.

Ascending to the heavens
He gave us a great command
To share the story fully
So then the seed was fanned.

He sent his Holy Spirit
To fill our hearts and stay
Until we see him coming
And rejoice on that great day.

This is the God we speak of
The one we hold so dear
This is the God we speak of
We worship and revere.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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