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Mediocre Master

by John Janzen © 2014

A mediocre Master
Is whom I choose to serve
One who doesn’t ask too much
The one without much nerve

A could-be-better Jesus
I could be better too
Long as we just both agree
That just enough will do

I serve a so-so Saviour
Since I’ve not sinned so much
Nice to know when in a pinch
I just pull out my crutch

A really good enough God
Will get me through the day
I laugh and play, go my way
And when in trouble pray

As Alpha and Omega
He’s roosted on His perch
Ain’t got much to do with Him
But take Him with to church

Prince of Peace, He’s pretty good
But wish that I had more
Not of peace He promises
But of His treasure store!

The worth of our Redeemer
Is commonly perceived
In direct correlation
To how we view our need

The chiefest among sinners
Should be our private view
Hopeless, helpless, in despair
Of ever getting through

For such a sorry sinner
Just one thing can suffice
A glorious Redeemer
The Saviour, Jesus Christ

This poem won second place for the November 2018 poetry contest

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