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I See Spring!

by louis gander

"With picture faded on the wall
oh, who could understand it all?

For yesterday began the spring
when we could dance and we could sing.

But faded now, our lively songs
with grasses dead and flowers gone.
Today I stand somewhat dismayed.
and of tomorrow, am afraid.

My wrinkled face now bears a frown.
I find the whole world up-side-down.

From government to businesses,
the world is busy, all abuzz.

The love of money, Satan's hook.
What's with the envy? Take a look!

In all the world, who understands?
Does love for money stain our hands?
Some day in Heaven, happily,
I'll sing God's praises out with glee!

Who cares of clothes or car I drive?
I am with Him and am alive!

Today, I see deception's sting,
but of tomorrow, I see spring!

With picture faded on the wall
oh, who would understand it all?

This poem won first place for the August 2015 poetry contest

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