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I Remember That September

by Margaret Cagle

It was September eleventh, two-thousand-one.
How I remember that day and that year!
Through awful heinous acts of terrorism,
America lost many lives so very dear.

Hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers.
It changed New York City's skyline.
Worse than that, many were killed,
Even policemen and firemen so fine.

A hijacked plane hit the Pentagon,
And many lives were lost there too.
The western wall partially collapsed,
But the terrorists were not through.

Brave Americans overcame the hijackers
On United Airlines Flight Ninety-three.
They crashed the plane in Pennsylvania
Before it was hijacked to Washington, D.C.

Many Christians around our dear nation
Started praying and seeking God more.
Many Americans started going to church,
Who had not been going that much before.

On the calendar, it's called Patriot's Day.
The loss of many patriots, we'll remember.
May we pray every day for our dear nation
And remember that fateful day in September.

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