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Dear Child

by Matt Gullett

Oh God in the Highest
I've wandered too far
To warrant a rescue
Salvation from afar.

My child, comes the Word
In whispers so clear
I've never left you
I've always been near.

But I've done the worst things
My name is marked black
My hands are all filthy
I've sinned in this and that.

My child, you must listen
To what I will say
Your sins are all covered
They're all washed away.

But I feel them right here
As I point to my heart
The visions I see now
They tear me apart.

My child, I've born
Every sin, all regret
I've felt what your feeling
No need is unmet.

But I cannot undo it
Life will never be the same
My sin will destroy me
I'm filled up with shame.

My child, what you're feeling
Is not the truth, just a fact
You cannot undo it
But I'm so much more than that.

But I've injured so many
They'll never forgive
There's nothing to do now
I don't want to live.

My child, my dear one
Just look to the cross
No sin is too mighty
No sinner too lost.

My God, why assist me
Why bare this great weight
Why forgive me
I'm an awful ingrate.

My child, just listen
The weight that you feel
Is a lie told by Satan
Your hope his wish is to steal.

Forgiveness is granted
It cannot be stopped
Lift up your head
The weight has been dropped.

Your sins are removed now
Life flows in your veins
Listen to my Word again
Throw off the chains.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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