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Find Comfort in God's Word

by Jehosheba Xiarong

When it seems it's all over,
When it seems all hope is gone,
You don't feel in clover,
Your face gets so long.

You try to find comfort,
Yes, your heart wants some peace,
Of any kind, of any sort,
Just for your sorrows to cease.

Don't give up yet,
Your life is not at its end,
Revivification you can get,
From a very faithful friend.

Put your trust in Him,
This precious loving God,
When your life seems so dim,
He's your staff,He's your rod.

Find comfort in His Word,
Call on His holy name,
Your distress will be adjured,
Your life won't be the same.

Let the Comforter be your guide,
And He'll safely lead you home,
In His Word abide,
And you'll never need to moan.

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