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In All of Our Dishevelment

by Kristine Stanton © 2023

"I call on you, my God,
for you will answer me . . .
Keep me as the apple of your eye."
(Psalm 17:6,8, NIV)

In all of our dishevelment
God loves us as we are,
and when He looks upon each one
we twinkle like the stars.

We shine, we gleam, we're loved by God—
by grace we all were made,
and everyone—a vital part—
a part He would not trade.

And every "part" does have its place
within God's Master Plan—
a Plan that He devised for us
before our lives began.

We are the apple of His eye—
we're cherished, one and all,
and He provides for everyone—
the weak, strong, small and tall.. . .

The Lord provides, but it's our choice
to welcome His blessings,
or walk away—be on our own—
forgo His offerings.

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