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Pursuing a Living

by John Janzen © 2016

A son says “Hey Dad,
You wanna play ball?”
Dad says, “I’m too busy,
Got no time at all.”

Soccer, or checkers,
Ride bikes or go fishing?
Got meetings and deadlines
Some projects still missing

The passage of time
We all know how it goes
The maturing of children
The outgrowing of clothes

Before Dad believes it
His son is all grown
A wife and a house
With some kids of his own

A Father says “Son,
Thought I’d give you a call,
You know it’s been weeks
There’s been no word at all”

“Hey Dad, I’m so busy
But you understand
it’s hard to keep up
with all life demands”

Dad says “I get it
Yes, I got it too long.
Pursuing a living
My real life is gone”

The moment approaches
Where getting goes bust
And that which you’ve gotten
Moth eaten and rust

How empty the life
That is bursting with things
Yet lacking the blessing
Relationship brings

*Genesis 1:2, **Romans 8:19

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.