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Alphabet Rhymes

by Richard Gunther

A is for apple pie,
Balanced on my head,

B is for baby boy,
Lying in my bed,

C is for cactus,
As prickly as can be,

D is for dinosaur,
Who can't catch me!

E is for easterly,
Which blows and blows and blows,

F if for freezing,
All my fingers and toes,

G is for golden,
H is for hair,

I is for Indian,
High in the air,

J is for jamboree,
With sausages and chips,

K is for kangaroos,
In silly sailing ships,

L is for labyrinth,
Please help me get free!

M is for somebody,
Who might guide me.

N is for nectarine,
Yummy and sweet,

O is for odor,
Coming off my feet.

P is for porcupine,
Q is for queen.

R is for rabbits,
You can seen where they have been.

S is for Santa Claus
Who flies in at night.

T is for telescope,
To see stars so bright.

U is for underwear,
On my teddy bears,

V is for vintage car,
Grinding through the gears,

W is for wet and white,
Like a waterfall.

X is for x-rays,
Rugby guy and ball.

Y is for yo-yo,
Watch me make it spin!

Z is for zoo,
Let's all go In!

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