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Like Father, Like Son. Genesis 1.27 and 5.3

by Dennis Donald

"How like his Dad!" The women
Gather round the infant's cot.
They try to make him chuckle,
But amused the boy is not.
He may be like his father
In some feature he's been lent,
But now the child would rather
All these fussy women went.

Now Adam got a start in life
Like God Himself, no less.
The perfect son and Father
Until Adam made a mess.
His disobedience came at cost;
Paternal holiness was lost.
Eve tripped up first and got it wrong,
So Godliness did not last long.

Then Eve, she wanted children,
And the boys, being like their Dad,
Grew up far less than perfect, and
Young Cain was downright bad.

And so the human race evolved,
And things got pretty rough
'Till God once more became involved,
Decided He'd enough.

He had another Son, through whom
The Universe began.
He sent Him down to start again,
A perfect baby Man.

'A second Adam to the fight
And to the rescue came'.
So now a second Fatherhood
Obscures the first one's shame.

We can't escape our parentage,
Nor wipe off Adam's stain.
But finding life in Jesus
Is like being born again!

This poem was a finalist in the December 2016 poetry contest

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