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My Best Friend

by Kathleen Higham

Having had this precious gift
That one best friend
Not knowing where you begin
Or where she will end.

She is so a part of you
Touched your tears with her face
In your soul she shares
Your most secret place.

Having had this precious gift
Couldn't imagine my tomorrow
If she would ever leave
New meaning for the word sorrow.

I have trusted only God
Then her, for she knows me
She has access to my heart
And all that I might be.

Having had this precious gift
Not always by my side, but
She read me like a book
Felt every tear I cried.

Yes, touched my face to hers
Then held me to her heart
I don't know where she begins
Or where I even start.

Having had this precious gift
Reaching down from Heaven's door
Remembering when she touched my face
And I love her so much more.

On the day she passed away
I lost my best friend
I didn't know where I began
And I felt life's end.

Having had this precious gift
A heart that may never mend
I wondered if there was a God
And did He have my friend?

The answer of course is yes
I know where I will end
Exactly where I began
With God and my best friend..

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