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From Mother With Lots Of Love

by Margaret Cagle

Dear Daughter, Dad and I prayed so hard
That we would have a child some day,
And we overflowed with joy and gladness
When we heard that you were on the way.

We joyfully anticipated your coming,
And we loved you from the very start.
I was thrilled every time that the doctor
Let us listen to the beat of your heart.

I know that I will not ever forget
That happy, joyous day of your birth.
Your dad and I were really sure
You were the cutest baby on earth.

We took you to church very often,
And we taught you how to pray.
We put you in a Christian school,
And we taught you the Godly way.

As a young child, you accepted Christ,
And we were so happy for you.
You sought to serve God faithfully,
And for Him you stood so true.

At college, you made a decision.
To the mission field, you would go.
We supported this vital decision,
Although we knew we'd miss you so.

My Dear, it is almost Mother's Day,
And I know you would like to be here,
But you chose to put Christ first.
You chose to serve the Savior so dear.

One day we will never say goodbye
In that fair Glory Land far above,
But now hugs and kisses are coming
From your mother with lots of love.

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