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I Still Stand For The Pledge

by Margaret Cagle

During the pledge to the American Flag,
Some people refuse to stand these days.
They show disrespect for our nation's flag
As they try to protest in so many ways.

This always makes me feel so sad,
For I love our nation's flag, you see.
May we continue to fly Old Glory
Over the land of the brave and free.

I received a folded American Flag
When my husband was laid to rest
Because he served our great nation
Among some of the military's best.

I keep that special American Flag
In my home in a special place.
This flag is so very precious to me.
I display it in a nice glass case.

I was taught to love God and country
And to respect our nation's flag too,
So I will still stand as we pledge
Allegiance to the Red, White, and Blue.

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