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A Birth So Momentous

by Kevin Smead © 2019

Shepherds watching their flock by night,
Monotony added to poverty’s plight,
When over the fields surrounded by light,
Angels appeared and gave them a fright.

The angels rejoicing with heavenly mirth,
Dispelling their fear with a story of much worth,
In the city of David there was a great birth,
The Savior, the Lord of heaven and earth.

Then suddenly a vast assembly appeared,
A heavenly host the message revered,
Glory to God they shouted and cheered,
Declaring great peace, and then disappeared.

The shepherds wondered, what could be this thing,
A birth so momentous the angels would sing,
With nothing to offer, and nothing to bring,
They struck out to view this heavenly King.

They traveled with haste, faith making them bold,
They arrived at the stable, and just as was told,
A baby was lying wrapped in the cold,
These once humble shepherds were now in His fold.

In this our day, and at this aged date,
We can still come to Christ, there’s no reason to wait,
By faith in the Savior we enter the gate,
The power of Christmas shall never abate.

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