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Five Smooth Stones

by Margaret Cagle

I am David of Bethlehem, Jesse's son,
That shepherd boy; Yes, I'm the one.
I'm going to the Philistine camp today.
My mission? I have a giant to slay.

God will help me; I know He will.
He will help me, this giant to kill.
I killed a lion, and I killed a bear,
But unproved armor, I can't wear.

With a slingshot, to the brook I'll go.
I need some stones to kill this foe.
I see five smooth ones over there.
I will choose these stones with care.

Now Goliath is cursing me with names.
He must think it is fun and games.
God will defeat this big, evil man.
Who can defeat God? No man ever can.

God, I cannot kill this giant alone.
Please guide my slingshot and this stone.
As quick as a flash and a zingedy-zing,
I shot a stone straight from my sling.

I hit his forehead, above his eyes.
As he fell I heard the Philistines' sighs.
With Goliath's sword, I cut off his head.
Yes, you can say, "Now he's really dead!"

For giants of sin, you need to kill,
Ask God to help you, and He will.
Find five smooth stones, daughter or son.
God will help you use just the right one.

Memorize Bible verses, and they will
Be used for giants of sin to kill.
Hide God's Word deep in your heart,
And defeat the Devil from the start.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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