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The Way Out

by Kevin Smead © 2018

They tell me there is only silence.
In the universe no one is home.
“Come to terms with the emptiness,
Give up your vain search for shalom.”

They say that all purpose is vanquished,
And life is a futile nightmare.
“Don’t you know that hope has been banished,
And all that is left is despair?”

They say we look out into nothing.
They say that there’s no one to care.
“Son you must make your own meaning.
You must fashion it out of thin air.”

They say you find comfort in music,
Or poetry gives you insight.
“Maybe some drugs can fill the dread void,
Or money can give you some light.”

The darkness it thickens around me,
And sadness crashes on shore.
Atheistic questions they hound me,
And solutions lie dead on the floor.

But there on the table before me,
The good book from ages now past.
They told me its words would destroy me,
I must stay their dark course and hold fast.

I open the book and it finds me.
Its words heal my heart and restore.
The light of heaven surrounds me.
It strips my soul down to the core.

It tells me hope is not an illusion,
And meaning is not a vain search.
It tells me by faith I can surmount the dark
And belong to His people the Church.

The book I have found gives the answers,
It tells me what life is about.
It clearly spells out man’s dilemma,
And as clearly describes the way out.

Pick up a copy and own one today,
You will be refreshed with what it has to say,
You’ll learn of the life, the truth, and the way,
Take up and read, make haste, don’t delay.

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