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Your First Best Friend

by Kathleen Higham

Wondering where life began
Why does it sorrowfully end?
The true God has defined this
When He brought to us a friend.

Her body became a sanctuary
Where life emerges and grows
Two cells joined so perfectly
This creation only God knows.

Science has not distorted the facts
It has studied for hundreds of years
And the sanctuary, it never changes
The beginning, an end, then tears.

Experiencing this incredible event
When into the world life will explode
The knowledge smothered in wonder
Forever the story has been told.

Your best friend is God of course
But then He created another
In your heart she will always be
A keeper, a protector, a mother.

First she carried you in her womb
Singing softly a sweet lullaby
Then on her breast you lay
Her lips kissed your first sigh.

She teaches you of love and faith
Reflects God in the mirror
For only He could love us more
We feel Him when she's near.

Sometimes mothers leave us, but
If you stand before that mirror
Her face will look back to you
With love that quells all fear.

Wondering where life began
Knowing someday it will end
But a mother waits with honor
Your mother, your first best friend…

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