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Renew your ways in my life

by Jim Wilday

In all these things renew your ways,
in all that I do throughout my days…

As I look to the heavens, may I see your design,
May I give you the praise, and all glory be Thine.

When I lift up Thy name, in prayer and in praise,
Please grant me Thy wisdom in each word and phrase.

As I read Thy word from day to day,
Please guide my path that in thee I may stay.

As I go through each day, may I live it your way,
And to others be a witness, not lead them astray.

As I live from this day forth for the God of old,
May I bring someone with me into thy fold.

As it was with Adam on the eve of creation
May I trust in you without resignation.

You are my rock, in You I belong,
Strengthen my faith that I may stand strong.

Though my life be shaken to its very foundation,
May I trust in you, not just your creation.

May you be well pleased when I've passed the test,
And from this life I have at last come to rest.

And as I pass through the earths sullen haze,
May I fully trust in your proven ways.

Your will in all things, but may it be thus,
That my life be lived, to the glory of Jesus.

I don't know how you do it Lord, it just blows me away,
That you can make anything useful of this dusty jar of clay.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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