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by Cheremiah © 2022

The love of money
The root of all evil
Was the captive's addiction
And his many upheavals

Casino doors would open wide
As they gladly welcomed him inside
And his greed for more casino games
Would only help to fan the flames

When the money was gone
Every borrowed, begged cent
There was nothing leftover
For food, bills, or the rent

So with another "Woe is me story"
Off to family or friends he would wander
With a lie or excuse
For more money to squander

Thinking it God's will
To help all those in need
Can cause dependency to increase
As well as one's greed

Between helping and enabling
There is a very Thin line
That tugs at the heart
And makes cloudy the mind

Lord show us the difference
Between helping and harming
For to help one stay in any kind of bondage
Is Really quite Alarming!

Luke 23:34 Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.

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