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Majestic Beauty

by Julie Carro

Majestic beauty soothes my soul, the canvas of My Lord,
Painted masterpieces, that my heart has long adored.
Bright oranges and reds, yellow, brown, and blue,
Mixed carefully by the Artist, to obtain the perfect hue.

The harmony of gentle color, sets my mind at ease,
Like a sweet serenade, or a lightly scented breeze.
As I take in all the wonder, of how God has touched the land,
My mind can hardly fathom, the skill that's in His Hand.

For He has tinted leaves with the essence of His heart,
And boldly stroked the mountains, to create a work of Art.
The streams of azure blue, and the emerald colored lake,
Are stained like crystal tears, shed for humanity's sake.

Brilliant rays of yellow glory, shine forth to light the scene,
Like the Master's eyes searching, to approve of what He's seen.
From the greenest of the hills, to the pastel shaded flower,
This majestic beauty is embellished by His power.

My multi-colored mural, depicts the character of God.
No matter where I look, His portrait leaves me awed...
Painted masterpieces, that my heart has long adored,
I shall never cease to ponder, the canvas of My Lord!!

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