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The Prayer of a Cjhild

by Mark Henderson © 2016

I was brought up in the womb of heavenly Love
Didn't know a lot but it was always enough
For I had an expectation and an endearing hope
That there was pure beauty at the end of this rope

And though I was dependent on a source not me
I had complete faith that it wanted to see me free
For this chamber into which I was surely conceived
Though completely sufficient was not where I'd be received

And so I waited basking in all its warmth
Not knowing the day of my expected birth
Trusting and dreaming of the days I'd be
All the things that they had hoped for me

But then in the middle of the darkest night
While lost in my dreams on a boat of light
Came a violent noise and a deathly squeal
As my flesh was peeled and my heart did steal...

...And so now my ancestry is not of earth but another domain
Where the clouds do speak and faith does rain
Upon gilded mountains and sapphire plains
Which fills its oceans that dance to His name

And though this my home and calling be
Where I now spend my days for all eternity
I still love my parents who on earth now cry
Not knowing or remembering for what they did try

And as the pain that they feel on earth down below
Tries to rise to the shores of the oceans I know
It somehow gets drowned in the praises to His name
Losing its grip and all of its shame

But my prayers, nonetheless, rise over and above
To His everlasting throne on the warm winds of love
Where He who judges by the righteous act of One
Can redeem those I love by faith of His Son

This Poem is Based on Matthew 24:4-14

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