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The Recipe To Heaven

by Pauline Williams

First you will need a Willing Mind, to start the journey at hand, To make a step to travel alone, until you reach the Promise Land.
Next you will need a Box of Love, for each and everyone, Stirring it up into your Heart, so your meal will be completely done.
Then there's a splash of Courage, you will need this each and everyday, To convince the ones that don't believe that the Lord is the only way.
Don't forget Compassion, for the ones that are blinded by sin, Your whole purpose in life is to helping them, so that one day they can enter in.
Then there's Determination, for the hills that you have to climb,To ensure when Christ returns again, you won't be left behind.
Last but not least is Honesty, for the people that want to hear, Be honest with them, and yourself, and the fruits will certainly appear.
Take all these Ingredients and mix them together, apply them to your Soul, When the food is prepared, and the meal is done, We will meet in the Street paved with Gold

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