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Holy Spirit Power

by Robert LaBarge © 2017

Let me tell you about the Spirit of Power
sent from the Father and Son one fine hour

when women and men were gathered in prayer
one hundred and twenty were said to be there

a loud rushing wind announcing His coming
then tongues of hot fire to get them all humming

in languages heard by citizens gathered
from dozens of countries where Jews had been scattered

which spoke of the greatness of God now proclaiming
what is this new wonder they all were exclaiming

so Peter got up to explain this strange show
and talked about Jesus beginning with Joel

who said that our God would pour out His Spirit
with visions and dreams so lost men would hear it

proclaimed to the ends of a very big earth
that Jesus has died so all could have worth

and the good news for us who sit here and read
is that Spirit still moves in power and deed

giving gifts to all people reborn in Christ Jesus
to build up the church and not just to please us

although some indeed do comfort our soul
to mold us and form us so we will be whole

and these we call fruits like love, peace and joy
or patience, long-suffering and others, oh boy!

yet now we must mention to build up the body
apostles and prophets and teachers not shoddy

and even today greater works we will see
with miracles, healing and wonders for thee

divine words of knowledge and wisdom are shared
tongues with interpretation also are paired

which calls for discernment a most vital gift
what spirit or prophetic word it must sift

and last but not least for our private prayers
the Spirit with tongues of languages shares

when our understanding falters and fails
and we groan to the Father not knowing details

I've prayed in this way for forty-five years
seen people healed and delivered from fears

opened the Word setting my heart afire
all this and much more for you my desire

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