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Wake Up America

by Deb Smithgall

When I lay me down to sleep
It's hard to put my mind at ease
I think about how far we've strayed
America - God can't be pleased

Formed as one nation under God
His Word taught in our schools
God - was the voice in governing
When His people made the rules

Now the courts think by overturning law
They can make a wrong be right
Proving that justice is truly blind
In relation to God's sight

For God's Word spoke His Truth to us
His Word remains the same
What God calls a sin is sin
The courts can't change it's name

Acts of sin won't be ignored
But God's forgiveness is a prayer away
America there is still hope
Repent and be saved today

So when I lay me down to sleep
I call upon my Lord
To turn this nation back to God
So His favor is restored

Wake up America
Wake up and see
Wake up America
Heal your destiny

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