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Number Please

by Deborah Anne Wilson

One day I had to make a call
To a business pal of mine
But though I called back all I got
Was a busy line

Next I called my doctor
And I heard someone say
"Oh, I am so sorry.
The doctor isn't in today

I called my Mom long-distance
Put all my quarters in the phone
A voice on a machine said
"Sorry, we're not home."

A lively game of telephone tag
It went on like that all day
It seemed that no-one cared to hear
A word I had to say

So I called my local company
A voice told me what to do
"If you have never bought from us
Please push button two

Please push button number three
If you have bought from us before
To speak to a real live person
Push button number four"

So I tried, but no-one answered
There was nothing to be done
Except to leave a message
So I pushed button number one

Thank God I have a Savior
Who is always there for me
I can always call to Him
And the call's toll-free

I can always reach Him
When I call to Him in prayer
There are no recorded messages
For He is always there

Would you like to call Him?
He'll answer one and all
Just open up your heart to Him
He's waiting for your call

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