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Talk To Him

by Paul Zimmerman Jr

I know I only come to you God
When things are going real bad
But I want to pray for real
And get back to what we had

And then a still small voice inside
Gave me a peace and hope
I could get through this time of life
With Christ's love I sure could cope

I knew this time I meant it
This wasn't just some dream
I made a new commitment
Much better it would seem

Time to get perspective now
And really understand
I can't give God second place
And call myself a man

I held a family meeting
Seemed like the thing to do
I told my wife I loved her so
And all my children too

I said now please forgive me
I know it seems I've changed
And we haven't been to church much
When the weekend came

Let's read the Bible too I said
It is God's holy word
Living life without it
Was getting quite absurd

I need to trust you more I know
And certainly must obey
Avoid the things that keep me down
Know You are here to stay

Now things are back to normal
I thank the Lord each day
For all He's done through His son
With gratefulness I can say

I'll take the time to set aside
To study and to pray
And know that whatever comes
I'll let Him guide my way

To live is Christ, to die is gain
That's what the Bible says
Its time to follow Christ again
And make Him Lord for all my days

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