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Spiritual Dimming of Our Eyes

by raymond sides

We once were spiritually blinded by Satan and full of darkness within,
But Jesus opened our spiritual eyes when He saved us all from our sin.

Our spiritual eyes will become dimmed, while we talk about people, who we should be showing love.
We should be telling them about the love of Jesus and how He came from heaven above.

Our spiritual eyes will become dimmed, from listen to gossip about our brothers and sisters in Christ,
Because as you listen, it will make them become less important in your life.

Our spiritual eyes will become dimmed, when we keep whatever belongs to God, such as our tithes,
Because we are stealing from Him, and we are using His money for the things we buy.

Our spiritual eyes will become dimmed, when getting slack in our attendance in going to our church of worship.
Without fellowship with one another in prayer, praise, singing, and the preaching of God's word, we backward, begin to slip.

Our spiritual eyes will become dimmed, when we get our eyes on the things of this world and it ways.
As we look at the things of this world, we begin to lose sight of God a little more each day.

Each day we must work hard at keeping our spiritual eyes from ever growing dim,
And the only way to do this, is by reading God's words and obeying all of them.

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