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Jesus, The Greatest Christmas Light

by raymond sides

This Light came down from heaven, while His beam surrounded all of those who had witness His appearing.
The Light who told all people about the Kingdom of God, while knowing many of them were not hearing.

This Light has always been, just as the Father of lights had no beginning.
The Light of heaven came down to save all of mankind, for all of mankind was sinning.

This Light was also hung on a tree for the entire world to see,
The Light that came so freely, so that He could save you and me.

This Light was put out for three days, while people thought it would never shine again.
The Light had an inner power, a power greater than any other power, a power with no end.

This Light shines brighter now than ever before, and it will never go dim again.
The Light that came so freely, to save you and me from our sins.

This Light is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who has no end.
The Light that shines before all mankind, while convicting them of their sin.

This Light will shine through all people, all people who allow Him to come into their hearts.
The Light, who is waiting for His Father to say to Him, today, Your journey for Your bride starts.

This Light will leave heaven to come get us, so He can take us to heaven for all eternity.
The Light that died to save us all, while setting us all completely free.

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