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Moving to Heaven

by raymond sides

When death comes, God will move me to a home in heaven, a home that's being prepared for me.
Jesus is building this home for me, and I will soon see this home, a home that's free!

I will take nothing with me, as the death angel and I leave this old world behind.
For I will have everything that I need in heaven, things, that I would have never had on my mind.

I'll never have to worry about bills, sickness, pains, or any kind of despair.
Jesus has furnished all of heaven, so there shall never be a problem there.

I'll never need a car which often has the need to be repaired,
With God's power, I think of where I want to be in heaven, I'm there!

In heaven,I will never have to buy clothes, shoes, or anything else to wear,
For I will be robed in God's righteousness and clothed in His care.

I will never have to worry about losing anyone that becomes my friend,
For everyone in heaven will be family, so friendships will never end.

A broken heart and sadness will be something that I will never have to experience again,
For there will be no broken hearts or sadness in heaven and heaven will never have an end.

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