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Fun Days

by Clinton Herring © 2020

As a scout - I would climb
a mountain high from time to time.
My friends and I would love to take
a venturous journey to a lake.

I'd take a hike with a heavy pack
and stop for lunch and a well-earned snack.
I'd wander through the forest trees
And view the beauty and feel the breeze.

I'd watch a lizard cross a rock
his journey quick to beat a hawk.
I'd sense the calm of nature still
All made by God, by His good will.

I'd journey here and journey there
and often stop in wonder and stare.
I'd see the ants march on their trail
each one behind the others tail.

And there would flicker and there would fly
on golden wings, a butterfly.
I'd spot a spider, his web I'd see.
Who taught him to spin so intricately?

I'd catch a glimpse of squirrel on ground.
the chase was on, yes round and round.
And then he'd scamper up some bark,
and I'd now cease that joyous lark.

Some days I'd see a longhorn herd,
and others I'd sit and watch a bird.
The songs of nature gave melody
as all around the birds seemed free.

I'd venture on lake, yes by canoe
and cross the waters with skies so blue.
The water clear and calm most days,
the fresh clean air so free from haze.

I'd cook a meal by campfire bright
as evening fell, dusk turned to night.
I'd spend the night in tents with two
and watch the sky turn very dark blue.

A myriad of stars the night would yield
their hidden light now to me revealed.
These stars would shine and flicker and glow
and shooting stars cross sky would flow.

Then morning would come, I'd get up fast.
I'd hope the new day again would last.
Such memories of days gone by,
of ventures here and ventures high.

All nature sings the glories of God!
Why others don't see it I find it odd.
I've thanked Him for the time gone by
of ventures here and ventures high.

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

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