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Let God Use You

by Gertrude Jefferies

Her color is diff'rent,
Her ways strange to you.
You do not include her,
In things that you do.

But did you ever think
That she's feeling alone,
Would love tea and cookies
And visit your home?

She may not be your friend,
But how are friends made?
By taking the first step,
And not being afraid.

It may take her a while
To warm up to you,
She may have good reason
For being aloof.

It could be she's strugg'ling
With things that corrode,
But just let God use you
To lighten the load.

Be God's hand, and reach out,
Be God face, and smile.
You may make a good friend
In a little while.

And she may just see God,
In things that you do.
And finally reach out,
To accept Him, too.

This poem was a finalist in the June 2012 poetry contest

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