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Judges--Part 4--Gideon, the Reluctant Prophet--Part 1

by George Cuff

Israel had peace for forty years and then she fell away.
The people forgot their former estate and failed to watch and pray.
So once again they were oppressed hiding in clefts and caves.
But our loving Lord in response to their prayer, devised a plan to save.

God sent a prophet to remind them of the God they rejected
Pointing out the Amorite gods which they had wholly accepted.
This is why they found themselves ravaged by neighboring Midian.
Deliverance, however, was soon to come by the hand of Gideon.

The Angel of the Lord came down, called Gideon a mighty man.
Gideon replied, "Why O Lord, do we suffer under Midian's hand?"
The Lord replied, "It's time, my friend. Go deliver the nation."
Gideon said, "I can't do that. I'm a man of lowly station."

The Glory of all Heaven said to him, "Surely God is with you.
Just as Egypt fell before, so Midian will fall too."
Gideon hurried to prepare a goat, placed food upon a rock.
The Angel touched it with his rod and fire surrounded the pot.

That same night a message came from the Savior of his soul.
"Destroy your father's altar to Baal, cut down the Asherah pole;
Then build an altar to the LORD, and offer your father's bull."
(In doing this the Lord would establish Gideon's appointed role.)

Gideon did as he was told and made the sacrifice.
But fearing what the people might think, he did it in the night.
Sure enough calamity arose creating an angry cry.
There were even demands from some that Gideon should die.

As you know there is more to the story, which we will soon review.
We must remember to give God the glory and do what He tells us to do.
There will be times in your earthly life when you are under the gun.
Just remember when trouble's in sight, you belong to God's Son.

Nothing can happen that God does not know; He allowed this trial to come.
Stand back and trust; let your faith grow. The victory will soon be won.
Though you can't see it with earthly eyes, everything is in its place,
For Jesus, who is your defense attorney, never loses a case.

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