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Happy New Year! Genesis 8.13

by Dennis Donald

Old Noah never paused to dream
While felling gopher trees,
His brand-new boat would start to steam
And stink and fill with fleas.

For months afloat, sealed in a boat,
The smell became intense.
Who herded up that billy goat?
Dear Lord, what is the sense?

Then came the day, up and away,
The dove returned no more.
In envy Noah watched the stray,
And then unlocked the door.

A squelchy ooze, and then the news,
"We've settled in the mud."
A rainbow, rich in radiant hues,
"Don't worry, no more flood."

So finally, old Noah and
His patience got their way.
He gazed upon the firm, dry land.
The date was New Year's Day!

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