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A Devil of a Dilemma. Genesis Ch 3.

by Dennis Donald

I can't be sure just what went wrong,
Or where I lost the plot.
I'd played a game with gorgeous Eve,
And seems I'd overshot.

I used to live in heaven's courts
With dapper wings and suits,
'Till God declared, no feelings spared,
I'm too big for my boots.

Cast down into His pristine world
I met His new-made son
And Eve his wife, enjoying life.
Thought.... 'Trip wires would be fun'.

There really wasn't much to use,
And all too pure for me,
Until I spotted, hanging ripe,
Forbidden on a tree,
A fruit, delicious, glowing, sweet,
Where God had said, "Begone!
Eat that, and then you'll be like Me,
Discerning right from wrong".

I must admit that God ticks all
The boxes one can tick;
To have a bunch like Him down here
Would really do the trick.

It wasn't hard to set it up,
I slid in from beneath.
She hesitated, took the fruit,
And then sank in her teeth.
Her eyes lit up, called Adam so
That he could have a taste.
He'd hardly had a bite, when God
Came charging in in haste.

Then Adam turned on Eve his wife
And blamed her for the mess.
And she then turned on me, she said,
The cause of her distress.

No pleading. We'd played fast and loose
With God, and we had cooked our goose.
His standards now, they'll never make,
And me? Why, I became a snake.

This poem was a finalist in the December 2016 poetry contest

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