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There's a place

by Vertie Adams

Close your eyes and let your imagination
To a place that you may one day call
A land where you only think it comes in
a dream.
But actually it's the most beautiful
place you have ever seen.

There's a land that is far away,
A land I want to go and live someday.
A place I long to be,
Jesus said he was going away to prepare
it for me.

A land where I'll never grow old,
A place where I can rest my weary soul.
A land where all my tears will cease,
A land filled with love, joy and peace.

A land flowing with milk and honey,
A place where I don't have to worry
anymore about a house, car or
A land where sickness and pain will
no longer abide,
A land where I can walk and talk with
Jesus physically by my side.
A land with no more drugs or homeless
people sleeping on the street.
No more hunger or people without shoes
on their.

In order to make it to this land,
You have to hold to Gods unchanging hand.
Read and do Gods holy word,
Don't go by what you see or what you
have heard.
If you go by what the bible say,
Then you will see that beautiful land
one day.

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