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Ode to God's Beautiful World

by Kayla Smith

Adieu, fair sea
I shall miss thee
I love your dark depths
With fish drawing fishy breaths
I tap my foot to the rhythm of the waves
Proud of the fears I have braved
Tiny fishes swarming to your surface
To be a lucky gull's lunch is their sole purpose
God, how could You create such a vast wonderland,
With sand softer than the mattresses at Slumberland?
I can feel Your touch in the wind
On You I do depend
I want to praise You for the rest of my days
I can feel Your love radiate like the sun's rays
Your love echoes all around
Though You don't even make a sound
I'd love to swim in Your midst forever
Although, if I do leave it would be better
Then I'd learn to trust what I can't feel
Because I can't see doesn't mean You're not real
Then I'd learn to trust what I can't see
In times of trouble Your arms wrap around me
But, alas, I must say farewell
You have given me so many stories to tell
I'll miss the cloudless sky and soft sand
But through them I saw the work of Your hand

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