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From The Creators Mouth

by Howard Tarant

I am the great Creator, I made it all from scratch
I put it all together, without adding a patch

Seven days it took Me, on one I had a rest
I worked so hard in six, I did my very best

I gave you light and darkness, the earth to call your home
With grass and trees do what you please, feel free under my dome

All I asked was one little thing, not to eat from the tree of life
Instead of being a man about it, you blamed it on your wife

I know that I am perfect and I make mistakes none
When I created mankind I was having a little fun

I was getting a little bored so I said to Myself one day
I need a little fellowship, a little game to play

I'll make them in My image and I'll give them all a choice
To live their lives for Me, or a shiny new Roles Royce

I knew the outcome from the start, that most would want that car
That's why I kept my distance and why Heaven is so far

If I put my home up on the moon or in the milky way
I knew they would have tried by now to blow me up some way

I sat back here and shook My head and wonder what I've done
I shook and shook and looked around and then I sent My Son

He came to show you how to live, the way it was expected
But no oh no you wouldn't listen, My Son He was rejected

My one and only Son He was, He acted just like Me
It broke My heart to see Him, just hanging from that tree

But He came home to see His Dad, His friends from now and then
I'm sending Him down just one more time and only I know when

If you didn't know Him then and you don't know Him now
Good news my friend and listen up, I'm going to tell you how

Get on your knees, repent of your sins and ask My Son into your life
Change your ways, make amends from your past, and get rid of all your strife

For if my Son isn't in your heart on the day of His return
I'm sorry to say, in an unpleasant way, that your going to Hell and burn

So if your were smart, you would make a new start, today if you know what I mean
Love your brother, forgive everyone, and accept My Son and come clean

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