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Oh What A Day

by Vertie Adams

There's a story I would like to tell,
about a man, I know so well.

Oh what a day it was on Calvary,
when my Lord and Savior hung his head for me.
My Savior had to do a night of time,
they treated him like he had did a crime.

With stripes on his back and a crown of thorns on his head,
before a judge my Savior was led.
The judge said guilty now take him away,
As the people in the court yelled "kill him, kill him, kill him today!"

The people lined the streets when they heard the news,
to see this man they called King of the Jews.
With blood on his face and a cross weighting him down,
my Jesus slowly made his way through town.

With compassion and concern a man ran out to the road,
to help my Lord with his heavy load.
But the guards told the man to get out of the street,
and made my Savior get back on his feet.

They soon arrived at that special place,
oh, how the blood streamed down his face.
They nailed his hands and feet and hung him high,
while the crowd watched as the time went by.

They pierced my Savior in his side,
while Mary and Martha kneeled down and cried.
As they laughed and scandalized his precious name,
forgive them father, my Lord proclaim.

My Savior never said a mumbling word,
this is the story as a child I heard.

He called out, "Father I commend my soul to thee!"
then my Savior hung his head for me.
The earth shook as it grew dark,
and the veil in the temple tore apart.

But on this earth he could not stay,
little did they know, he would rise on the 3rd day.
I may not have been there on Calvary,
but I know for a fact this is how much he loved me.

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