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Born In A Manger!

by Edward Nickerson

Born in a manger, now how could that be?
From a virgin named Mary, a bride soon to be.
A seed of the Spirit, a promise of God.
The coming Messiah, to walk on this sod.

Born in a manger, now when could that be?
The shepherds were watching, the sheep roaming free,
To Bethlehem town, not known for its charm.
To an Inn with no room, a stable, a barn.

Born in a manger, now where can that be?
In Bethlehem's manger, as the shepherd's would see.
As wise men would seek Him, from far, far, away.
A Babe in a manger, asleep on the hay.

Born in a manger, now who could that be?
A King as a baby, but what King was he?
Though Herod would seek him, to Egypt he'd run,
Returning to Nazareth, when Herod's reign was done.

Born in a manger, now what could that be?
Jesus of Nazareth, our Savior to see.
The Jews would not own Him, rejected was He,
A gift to the gentiles, A Savior for me.

Born in a manger, now why could that be?
A cross, and a grave, our Savior to be.
A home up in heaven, my glory is he,
A new life eternal a promise so free.
Born in a manger, now how could that be?

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