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by Robert LaBarge

can I display

His love today

or will it simply be

a wondering

or pondering

at one

or two

or three

yet here I am

deep in this plan


which is best

to share a bit

of divine wit

from heaven's

open hand

now one may question

what is best

for those

who have no joy

they're deep in thought

of what

life brought

and cannot redeploy

yet here

I stand

to hold

a hand

and feel a beating heart

to say

I know

let's take it


you get another start

and so

it was

only because

I took the time to care

they told

the pain

direct and plain

then came my turn to share

of love for me


the joy

deep in my soul

and love

for you

all fresh and new

if only

you let go

there comes a time

we think

is fine

to sing of His great plan

with chorus loud

in a great crowd

eyes closed

with upraised hand

but sometimes


are also free

to mourn

with those who groan

and share

a moment


we grieve

but not


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