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by A Janeen Quillman


My sins' dark shadows of the past
Lingering in my mind,
Stealing sweet peace throughout the day
At night the tormenting kind.

Playing the scenes of guilt and shame
Over and over again,
Being unable to escape
The effects of hidden sin.

Masquerading behind a face
Letting no emotions show,
Keeping up appearances
So others will never know.

Sin is a life of ongoing pain
Causing agony and grief.
Worldly cures all fail in time
Allowing for no relief.

But God in His wondrous mercy
Saw my desecrated soul,
And with all the love that heaven holds
Paid the price to make me whole.

I didn’t know I owed a debt
For anything I had done,
Until the veil of deception was
Removed and I saw God’s Son.

It was through a friend that told me
How my soul could be released
From the bondages of darkness
To receive God’s perfect peace.

With eyes of faith I saw Jesus,
My Redeemer at Calvary,
Covered with all my sin and shame
Bleeding to set me free.

Tears of deep repentance flowed
Like a river down my face.
There my spirit was born anew
As I received His saving grace.

Now my life is glowing and free
Dark shadows are washed away,
And in their place the love of God
Overwhelms me every day.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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